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    Contact us for information on our app development team, business plan and outline of the app.

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    The SEVEN-X DEMON HUNTER APP turns your cell phone into a demon/ghost hunting expedition combining real-world experience with Augmented Reality to create a one-of-a-kind supernatural adventure. A favorite tool of ghost hunters worldwide is their trusty K2 meter. This meter measures the degree of paranormal activity in anyroom ranging from green being the lightest to red being the most dangerous supernatural activity.


    Launch Demon Hunter and your phone camera now has a built in K2 Meter enabling you to hunt for ghosts and demons anywhere with your cell phone. Enter into the supernatural world of SEVEN-X as a new dimension of terror comes to life before your eyes. Explore the world around you like never before. The SEVEN-X Demon Hunter App has functionality to enhance your supernatural hunt and create a series of fun scares and must-share social media experiences.

  • seven-x "next generation technology"

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    Real-time Stereoscopic 3D

    SEVEN-X 3D film will take advantage of real-time computing data to create a new vision for stereoscopic 3D and effects with advanced data pipelines for production and post-production workflows

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    Enjoy SEVEN-X LIVE

    Our Host data system and servers deliver on-set VFX, 3D filming, live updates and behind the scenes action from our set to your home.

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    SEVEN-X Patent Pending Technologies Will Change The Way You See 3D.

    SEVEN-X Film Group, Divert Technologies (Germany) and our International Team of Award Winning Technicians and Engineers are creating Next Generation 3D Technology for the SEVEN-X Media Franchise and our slate of Entertainment Properties.

  • the seven-xperience

    Join Us for Live SEVEN-X Events Featuring Virtual and Augmented Reality and the SEVEN-X Demon Hunter App

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    Mirage Entertainment, the World Leader in Creating Innovative Live Theme Park Experiences is set to create SEVEN-X Theme Park Exhibitions Worldwide.


    With exhibits internationally Mirage Entertainment, DesertRock Entertainment and the SEVEN-X Film Group have the opportunity to create immersive entertainment experiences for the SEVEN-X Franchise.

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    Plans for a Live Experience at the location at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum are in place. Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Demon Hunter App we will create a haunted asylum experience and transform the city of Weston, WV into a SEVEN-Xperience.