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In December of  2010, freelance LA Times Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen began his investigation of missing death row prisoners assumed to be kept in a remote asylum in a place called UPHIR, a town without a mailing address or zip code.

Eddie's journals and recordings leave a continuing trail of breadcrumbs into his story. They have been given to his assistant, Melody Swann to publish and have been named" "SEVEN-X,"  after the phenomenon he discovers inside UPHIR!

is a MEDIA EXPERIENCE exploding from the bowels of UPHIR. An entire SERIES of books will be published based on Eddie's recovered files and the people responsible for this mass cover up and experiment. 

SEVEN-X is what I call a "LIVING STORY."  

In addition to the
SERIES OF BOOKS on this investigation, you will soon discover hidden links to secret files, medical reports and psychological tests from Uphir, Eddie's lost journal reports and  missing recordings that will turn up for fans to constantly keep them informed of "what is really going on" at the Uphir Behavioral Health Center.

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