SEVEN-X Film Group, LLC 

is focused on creating entertainment experiences utilizing next generation technology. We are currently in development on our franchise IP, SEVEN-X based on the international best selling novel. The franchise includes film and television media, Next Generation 3D Technology and development, iOs / Android Apps and gaming platforms as well as live theatrical and theme park experiences.  We have assembled an Award-Winning Team of Technicians, Engineers, Filmmakers and Marketers to bring SEVEN-X to an international audience.


Mike Wech is a Best Selling Author and Filmmaker with over 20 years  experience in various capacities throughout the entertainment industry. Mike  strives to bring a unique edge to his writing to tell stories in creative new  ways. 
As a professional Filmmaker and Film/TV Editor, Mike has worked with  some of  Hollywood's Top Talent on feature films, television and music videos  including  Beyond The Mask, 90 Minutes In Heaven, Across The Line: The  Exodus of  Charlie Wright, South Dakota, The Moment After 2 and Dead Drop.

 Mike has been developing new technology to create a more immersive  theatrical experience for the SEVEN-X Film Franchise, teaming up with Award  Winning Engineers, Technicians and Producers to bring Next Generation 3D  Film to the big screen.

 TIM LOWRY -  IMDB   International Resume

 For over 20 years, Tim Lowry, Owner/operator of DesertRock Entertainment, Inc has  provided comprehensive creative vision, production and post production services to  his clients that include: Reebok, Yum Brands, IHOP, Ford, Nissan, Coca-Cola  company, BMW Designworks USA, BMW of North America, Raytheon and Pioneer 

 From highly classified government bids to national commercial campaigns,  Tim has  generated over 1 billion dollars in trackable sales for his clients, including delivering  52 HD episodes of “Eye for an  Eye” strip show in only  27 days. Tim’s television  experience includes staff  management, producing, editing  and directing television  shows airing  on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX Sports. 

 Tim's work includes writing, producing and directing multi-million dollar live    m
ultimedia shows, “Binhai Aircraft Park Car Show” – Tianjin, China – XMEN:  Revenge– Germany – “Danger Island”   Largest Aquatic Stunt Show in the World 
 – Guangzhou, China –  
Flood At Mandrill Mountain” – Shenzhen, China  “Voyagers To  Mars”  #1 Themepark Attraction Warner Brothers – Bottrop, Germany


  Datang International Entertainment was founded in 2011 by Alice Wang as a film  production and  distribution company with three to five titles from local and  international co-productions released annually. The production line up includes:  “Golden Future”  (2015) and “Skin Collector, along with the announced co-  production slate with  DesertRock Entertainment.

 Datang International Entertainment aims to cope with the growth of local film  industry and work closely with the U.S, Japan and China production teams in order  to bring quality entertaining movies to Taiwan and worldwide audiences. Led by UC  Davis and Japan University film graduate Alice Wang, Datang will provide top down
 integration to finance, produce, market, and distribute theatrical release movies.

  •  Alice's Feature Film Credits Include: 
  •  An Exciting Life (2015) Lonely Memory (2015) Falling in Love (2014) Killing 7 (2013) 
  •  Shining Dancing (2013)  Aunt Tiger (2005) Love and Courage (2005) West Town Girls (2004) 
  •  Free as Love (2004)  Love Me, If You Can (2004) Larate girls (Kung Fu Girls) (2003) 
  •  Dragon’s Love (2003) Ocean Blue (2001) Never Been To Me (2001) The Egg (2000)

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